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Pro photo 3Trained in Psychology, Counselling, Yoga & Spiritual Guidance, Steve employs meditation, inquiry, poetry, art, drama and yoga to guide people towards their essence. Steve earned a BA in Psychology from Mount Union College, and a MS.Ed in Counselling from Northern Illinois University.

He studied imaginal psychology and cultural leadership at the Institute of Imaginal Studies (Now Meridian University) for 3 years and has trained in Art and Archetypal Dimensions of Spiritual Guidance as well as the Alchemy of Transformation with Atum O’Kane for 4 years. Additionally, Steve has training in Hatha Yoga and Vipassana meditation.



Steve has served as a teacher, counsellor, guide and mentor in a variety of settings including wilderness programs, educational institutions, and yoga studios. He is currently the lead counsellor and guide at Turning Towards Essence in Chilliwack, BC.


Steve is registered with the British Columbia Board of Clinical Counsellors: Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) #12832, and also a National Certified Counsellor in the United States (NCC) #75861

Steve’s Approach to Counselling

Steve’s general approach to counselling is one orientated towards the humanistic view that people typically grow when they are provided with empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence on the part of the therapist. These are the conditions found to have lasting help according to the person centered (humanistic) view of counselling advanced by Psychologist Carl Rogers. He also sees merit in the psychoanalytic views espoused by Carl Jung regarding moving clients towards individuation, wholeness, and the generation of insight into unconscious forces.

Contact Steve Woolf

Please phone or email Steve to find out more about how he will address your present situation: (604) 791-2574 or at steve@turningtowardsessence.com.


Individual Counselling $125/50 minutes

Couples Counselling $135-150/50 minutes

Spiritual Guidance $125/50 minutes