Yoga for Relaxation

What if there were more options to your daily dilemmas and worries that you just couldn’t seem to access because you were just too overwhelmed? What if there were a way for you to make a weekly (or daily) practice that helped you to access a greater sense of spaciousness, peace and ease of being? Yoga might be just the right treatment for a lifestyle pace that seems to be sapping all of the life from your style.

Yoga, Therapy, Mindfulness and Well Being

Unlike traditional talk therapy, Yoga integrates breath, movement, guided imagery and concentration to help address a variety of clinical and non-clinical issues. Research indicates that yoga is especially helpful for addressing issues such as anxiety ( and depression ( If your life has been filling up with too much stress, too much worry and too many things to do, Yoga can help. Yoga can help you find a balance between not just stretching & strengthening, but also efforting &relaxing and doing & being.

Unlike a typical hatha yoga class, Steve’s approach brings sensitivity, insight and acceptance that helps you to bring your whole self into the yoga room, addresses relevant psychological aspects of practice, is present to your personal experience, and makes thoughtful, often rhetorical inquires that are personally relevant.

Private Yoga Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to strengthen your home hatha yoga practice. The personal attention of a private lesson allows for greater attention to the details of your asana (poses) and pranayama (breath control) practice, helping you to take your practice to new vistas more quickly than public classes.

Public Yoga Classes offered in Yarrow

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