‘Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.’ -Rumi

Welcome to Turning Towards Essence Counselling Inc. I am glad you made it here. Above you will notice several tabs highlighting the services that I offer.
My Counselling page details my counselling services and my approach to counselling. I find that my greatest struggles with relationships, worries, sleepless nights, mistakes, failures, grief, loss, loneliness, isolation and sadness have become my greatest allies in both connecting with my clients on a personal level as well as providing a sense of character development and direction to my own life and practices. It is these things that have helped me to connect with aliveness as I turn towards essence as a wellspring of renewal.
My Couples Counselling page provides a brief introduction to some of the emergent issues that relationships often evoke. Intimate relationships are often a wonderful tool for working towards identifying and treating wounds within the bounds of a relationship. The sense of otherness that can separate us can also serve as an important opportunity for connection and contentment, should we have the courage to turn towards the essence of our needs and those of our partner(s).
My Spiritual Guidance page addresses some of the defining characteristics and scope of this practice. At the core of being is aliveness, stillness and otherness. This essential core of being can be accessed and empowered via not just the modalities addressed above (Counselling, Yoga and Marriage Counselling) but also through art, story, poems, music, drama, somatics, stillness and inquiry.
My Yoga page provides information about yoga as a modality for psychological health and overall well being as well as information about the yoga services available to my clients. I started practicing yoga in 1996, intensified my efforts into an everyday practice in 2004 and began my yoga teaching career in 2010. The integrated breathing techniques with movement and focused attention have helped bring a stillness to my life as I turn towards essence.
My About/Contact Steve Woolf page provides information about my training, background, credentials, approach, contact information and information about prior presentations and workshops. If you would like to know more, by all means ask: steve@turningtowardsessence.com
Lastly, my Blog contains my musings about relationships, spiritual guidance, religion, yoga, culture, future forecasts and any bees in my bonnet. I find writing to be a great release, be it a condensed tweet, a blog post, poem or email. Follow me on twitter, comment on my blog, share your favorite poem or email me. Lets be in touch and lets work together on creating a world more saturated with the stillness, aliveness and otherness found at the core of being as we turn towards essence.
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